Shortly after being ‘bitten’ by the western riding bug, it became apparent to David and Pauline Brimson that the various equestrian venues in the South East gave very little provision for the take-up and learning of western riding. Many conversations with fellow riders frequently landed on the same subject ……. where can we go to ride..???

With good facilities of our own, and a willingness to expand the whole understanding of our sport, it took no time at all to decide to form a western riding club at ‘Fallowbrook’.

We began with fairly informal ‘Club Days’ and the format was just ‘turn up and ride all day’ the whole concept of riding amongst friends, swapping training tips, asking questions and watching others both more and less experienced was more useful than first imagined.

Our format, whilst still retaining the essential element of the fun and relaxed atmosphere, has now expanded to include our massively popular club days, shows and clinics………

Our aim is to provide; affordable, low key, high quality learning environment but without crowds or pressure of a much more formal environment.


Pauline pictured above on Starlights Smoke

Our friendly club caters for all levels of riders and horses .... the short video features one of our new club members and her horse who are retraining and attended their first western show after less than 20hrs tuition!

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